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REVIEW: Little Reader – The Big Score

By: Jorge Almaraz

Put some headphones on and let the music flow through your body. With a ten-track debut album, Little Reader takes you on a fantastic voyage, which explores the multi-dimensionality of love while using a danceable, and somewhat psychedelic, pop tunes as the base of the project.

Produced by Mark Watrous of The Shins, The Big Score is the debut of the duo composed by Nashville-based Kate Tucker and Los Angeles-based Ross Flournoy. This unexpected, yet impressive, collaboration take each of The Big Score´s songs and manages to give each of them a distinctive sound without losing the main style of the album.  From beginning to end, the album keeps you interested in melodies and lyrics that do not sound repetitive in absolute; clearly demonstrating the immense talent of both songwriters to score in the music world.

The album kicks off with “Speed of Light,” a track that may be considered the most representative song of the band so far. “Speed of Light” starts with an energetic, upbeat sound with classical love-related lyrics that sets the tone of the album, which highlights Tucker´s talent as a singer. In my opinion, tracks such as “Light as a Feather,” “Running Toward the Sun,” and “Love Lust Life” are some of the pieces that make The Big Score such an interesting album.

However, it is worth mention that both songwriters have already found success in the music world, by writing for others, prior their collaboration together. Flournoy has written musical themes for TV shows, but his work may be better identified in Jake Tapper´s CNN Show. Meanwhile, Tucker has found success working on film scoring and soundtracks for several independent movies and TV shows.

As proof of Little Reader´s potential, you may listen to their single Speed of Light on season 4, episode 16, of the Fox acclaimed sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” An event that also caught them by surprise.  

This album clearly lands on Mercury – a fantastic album that is already causing a considerable impact.


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