Song Review

Heavy Metal Detox
Ghost Ramp/Warner Bros.

Bruno Mars released “The Lazy Song” and teenagers decided it was okay to simply sit around and not do a single thing. Wavves recently premiered another single from their forthcoming album, V. Like Mars, Nathan Williams, the band’s leader, is not doing anything today and he doesn’t care what you say; however, Williams seems to hint at an extended brake from life as opposed to Mars taking one day to just chill out.

“Heavy Metal Detox” features slick fuzz guitar over sprawling overdubbed vocals. It’s organic California punk over “waiting for the other shoe to drop” lyrics such as “We’re not alone” and “I can’t decide if I’m getting worse.” It’s the incessant musings of a child trapped in his room while mom yells for him to come kiss his grandmother goodbye. Yet Williams and Wavves make the entire package appealing. All you need is simply pull your hat over your eyes and forget that anything else exists.