ABQ Free Press May 20th Issue

ABQ FP- May-20-2015 cover

Here are the bands covered in this issue:

BROWNOUT presents BROWN SABBATH: Here is Black Sabbath’s “Hand of Doom” from the Paranoid album.  How do we get this band to New Mexico?

JACCO GARDNER: Here is “Find Yourself”, the lead track from Gardner’s Polyvinyl release, Hypnophobia.

INSIDE L.A. METAL: Here’s another trailer from the documentary directed by Bob Nalbandian.


ABQ Free Press – May 6th issue

ABQ FP Jon Stewart Cover

Here are the bands that were featured in this issue:

CORNER LAUGHERS – Here ‘s a fun little video of a cover of the Madness track “Our House”.

ARTHUR NASSON – Here’s the title track from The Emperor’s New Sound.

HOP ALONG – This track is entitled “Waitress” and it can be found on the band’s debut Saddle Creek release Painted Shut.

New Heavy Metal Documentary

Bob Nalbandian is the producer and director of Inside L.A. Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock and Metal.  This documentary highlights the rise of Los Angeles heavy metal.  Nalbandian founded the seminal Headbanger Magazine in 1982 as editor and publisher.  He has since worked for other magazines as well as record labels.  These days you can catch him podcasting as host of the Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast and the Shockwaves/Skullsessions podcast.

Here is the official theatrical trailer for the documentary.

For deleted scenes, go to the Metalrock Films YouTube page by clicking HERE.  You can also check out my interview with Bob Nalbandian in the upcoming issue ABQ Free Press Magazine.

Hop Along Streams New LP, Painted Shut

Check out the latest release from Philadelphia’s Hop Along.  The album, originally streamed by SPIN Magazine, is entitled Painted Shut and is released by Saddle Creek Records.  Hop Along will be headlining Sister in Albuquerque on May 21st.

For information on the upcoming tour, CLICK HERE.

TWITTER: @hopalongtheband

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hopalongtheband